Board game full of small stories

Legion: Siberian story

Board game about civil war in Siberia and it´s factions.
About the journey, pain, hopes and tragedies. Launching on 7/12/2023.

Legie - box
Game was crowdfounded on in 2021. Now we can announce with great joy that we are collaborating with the publishing house Albi.

Together with them, we tweaked and tested the game, added new elements, and ensured much wider distribution than we could provide on our own. The game should be able to reach you by the 7th of december 2023.


Siberia is caught in the throes of civil war. The fragmented White Army is trying to end the Reds’ rule. Both sides are capable of anything in the name of victory. The chaos gave rise to local uprisings and bandits – and the Czechoslovak legionnaires are trying to fight their way through all this to get home.

Our story is set in a small hilly outcrop somewhere in the frozen Siberian wilderness. Each faction is trying to win as many advantages as possible, recruit the best soldiers and civilians, and of course survive. How you guide your characters through the skirmishes, investigations, personal crises, and uprisings, will be up to you. The journey will be hard and every step you take will tell a small, but significant story.

the game

Up to four players can take their factions (Legionnaires, Reds, Whites, Renegades) through Siberia, trying to cross no man’s land and achieve as many of their goals as they can. As your group’s commander, you will travel through different locations and battle both your enemies and the dangers of Siberia. Your goal will be protecting your group and upgrading it strategically, in order to escape the frozen hell and strategize against the others. Sometimes the situation will call for collaboration, while at other times you will need to eliminate your opponents’ characters. 

The game is for 2-4 players and a high number of locations and scenarios with different tasks makes it extremely varied. We’ll give you over a hundred characters, many of whom are inspired by real stories. To make the game even more variable, we’re also including eight commanders (two per faction) for the player to pick from at the beginning of the game.

Every card is hand-drawn in a period-appropriate style.


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